When You Reside In A Shelter That is So Noisy You Can’t Make a Phone Call

For the majority of 2016, I resided in a shelter that had so much loud, inappropriate, background noise, I couldn’t make or receive a phone call there. I was better off trying to make a phone call outdoors, while trying to overtalk the sounds of background traffic, than I was to attempt to talk on the phone in the shelter facility.

At any given time of the day or night, my room was overtaken with the sounds of: Arguments over debts; domestic arguments and violence; arguments and violence over heroin, crack, missing money; people running from room to room loudly looking for food, video game controllers, other people, et cetera; intercom announcements announcing lunch, dinner, breakfast, case worker meetings, frequent fire drills, et cetera; case workers yelling “room check,” for their weekly room checks; blasting music; and almost anything else you can imagine. The irony is that the shelter had residents sign a “Good Neighbor Policy” which they never enforced.

How can you possibly communicate with realtors, employers, clients, or anyone else for that matter, via telephone, in such an environment? Impossible! SMH!
I’m currently in a shelter that is much, much, much better managed! The environment is an LOT quieter. I’ve been able to contact dozens of realtors since I’ve been here. The lack of inappropriate background noise and violent tension has been a vast improvement compared to the conditions that I have lived under for the majority of 2016.

I’m hoping to find housing soon!!

-The Homeless New Yorker


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