NYC Mayor Addresses Homelessness And Affordable Housing At Bed-Stuy Town Hall Meeting

HRA Commissioner Steven Banks also makes an appearance.

I will be analyzing a lot of what was said at this event topic-by-topic on this blog…Stay tuned.


NYC’s Mayor On The Housing Crisis

NYC Mayor Housing
“The rich got richer- everyone else started falling behind economically. Just when you would not expect that to come with a huge increase in the cost of housing. Guess what? The cost of housing skyrocketed. Even after the great recession, the cost of housing skyrocketing in this city. Those unfortunately were the building blocks of this crisis.  So, the fact is, the reality of homelessness in this city changed profoundly; it became much more an ecomonic reality.  But the city’s approach to homelessness didn’t change- didn’t recognize these new realities.” -Mayor De Blasio