Red Tape: How Do You Prove You Went On A Job Interview?

HMLS New Yorker Red Tape

If you inform shelter administrators that you went on a job interview, expect to be asked to show proof.

I informed my shelter administrator that I went on a job interview. My subsequent Independent Living Plan (ILP), a document shelter residents are expected to sign on a bimonthly basis, said that I had to show proof that I went on the interview. How exactly am I supposed to do that?

How do you show proof that you attended a job interview? Short of having a camera crew filming the actual interview, how do you prove you were there? Do you make an abnormal request to the interviewer to write a letter stating that you attended the interview? Good luck on getting the job after making that kind of peculiar request.

Hypothetically speaking, even if you do get a letter or some kind of document stating that you attended the interview, how you the administrators verify the document’s authenticity? Would they call the establishment you interviewed with in order to verify you were there? Again, good luck with getting the job after a shelter administrator inquiries about your whereabouts like you’re a parolee.

I can’t quite understand the reasoning behind attempting to implement protocols like this. Yet, there are people holed up in their room doing drugs morning, noon, and night. Who is “verifying” their activities?

I desperately need affordable housing now! Being in this system, which is rife with red tape, is detrimental in so many ways. Where is a “housing specialist” when you need one?


The Legal Definition Of Independent Living Plan (ILP)

HMLS New Yorker

18 CRR-NY 352.35 defines an independent living plan as follows: “A plan developed and/or revised by a social services district and/or its designee, with the cooperation of an individual or family, which sets forth a strategy for meeting such individual’s or family’s housing-related public assistance and care needs as identified in an assessment and for obtaining housing other than temporary housing and which establishes such individual’s or family’s responsibilities during their receipt of temporary housing assistance and specifies the conditions upon which temporary housing assistance will be provided. An independent living plan also must specify the temporary housing facility, if any, to which the individual or family has been or will be referred, any requirements of such facility, and the expected duration of the individual’s or family’s receipt of temporary housing assistance.”