Student Documentary On Homelessness In America

There are some shelter administrators who would benefit from being trained by these young people, especially when it comes the idea that, “homelessness is not a choice.” I had an administrator lecture to me about “choices” more than once. I had to kindly explain to more than one shelter administrator the difference between a choice and a last resort.


What NYC’s Social Indicators Report Says About Shelter Residents’ Placement In Public Housing


The April 2016 Social Indicators Report, which is created by the Mayor’s Office of Operations for the City of New York, states the following regarding homeless shelter residents’ placement in public housing: “In 2016 and continuing for the next five years, NYCHA will set aside an additional 750 public housing units for homeless families coming out of DHS shelters. Combined with the NYCHA’s existing commitment to place 750 homeless families in public housing, NYCHA will place 1,500 homeless families into public housing each year, on top of the approximately 1,000 families NYCHA places each year that are at risk of homelessness.”


Homeless New Yorker Stat Of The Day: 6/20/16

HMLS New Yorker

A May 2016 New York Daily News article states: “Nearly 500 Section 8 tenants, whose vouchers were administered by NYCHA, had to move because their apartments failed inspection last year. Of those, 160 transferred to new apartments. But 335 couldn’t find new homes and lost their vouchers.”


What Does Captain America Have To Say About Housing In Brooklyn?

Falcon and Captain America
It seems like housing in Brooklyn, New York isn’t even affordable for superheroes. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, released in 2015, Captain America and Falcon had the following conversation:

SAM WILSON AKA FALCON: You find a place in Brooklyn yet?
STEVE ROGERS AKA CAPTAIN AMERICA: I don’t think I can afford a place in Brooklyn.