What Is The Function Of NYC’s DHS Ombudsman Unit? Part 1

HMLS New Yorker
[NOTE: The following information is NOT an endorsement of the aforementioned entity. It is merely a description of the entity as the entity describes itself.]

The Ombudsman unit of New York City’s Department of Homeless Services is said to be a unit that is independent of the Department of Homeless Services, although its office is located in the same building as the headquarters of DHS. According to the Ombudsman unit’s brochure, representatives of the Ombudsman unit do not work for shelter providers. The brochure also states the the Ombudsman unit representatives can, “help to communicate your grievances and investigate them on your behalf. They can also bring issues to the attention of DHS, shelter providers, and other agencies to help you reach a solution.” The Ombudsman unit’s brochure further claims that they help people comprehend their rental assistance eligibility, and provide homeless prevention and aftercare support services.