New Men’s Shelter Coming To The Bronx?

060819 Bronx Shelter Protest

A protest of the opening of a men’s homeless shelter was scheduled to take place today. Flyers that are posted in some areas of the Bronx state, “Protect you neighborhood and join the rally to protest the men’s shelter on 2008 Weschester Ave.”

New Yorkers around the city in various neighborhoods are protesting the opening of shelters in their neighborhoods. Granted, the conditions of a lot of shelters, despite the hefty budgets and price tags that are attached to them, are filthy, violent, and unsafe. New Yorkers, many of whom express empathy for those who are experiencing homelessness, don’t want the unsafe and chaotic conditions of the shelter to spill out into their neighborhoods.

While unrolling plans to open new shelters, the city hasn’t effectively addressed the improvement of the horrid conditions and ridiculously stifling protocols that exists within the shelter system. I can tell you firsthand that having more “security” at shelters does not, ironically, make them safer. Who is coming up with a comprehensive plan to make the system more efficient and safer?


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