Is 311 Ignoring The Pleas Of The Homeless?

NYC 311
According to an August 21, 2016 New York Daily News article, this year, the calls made to New York City’s complaint line, 311, regarding grievances from New York City’s homeless shelter residents has had an approximately 50% increase from the same time last year. The article states that 10,500 such calls have already been made to 311 thus far in 2016. The voluminous amount of complaints seems to be a challenge for the hotline to manage.

Interviews by the Daily News with New York City homeless shelter residents garnered the feedback that shelter residents’ 311 grievances are going unheard and unresolved. A shelter resident stated that a bevy of women who reside in the same shelter with her have called 311 seeking help and relief from unsavory shelter conditions, but it has been to no avail. The source states that the residents of her shelter are treated like dogs and inmates.

The question remains: What is the best way for New York City’s homeless shelter residents to get their grievance heard AND resolved?


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