Homeless New Yorker Stat: The 2018 NYCHA Repairs Edition


According to a New York Times article published yesterday, New York City’s housing projects “has an estimated $32 billion in needed repairs.”

Federal prosecutors have reportedly assigned a court-appointed monitor for the New York City Housing Authority to oversee the management of the nation’s largest public housing system.

NYCHA has been plagued with repair issues for years. These issues, most notably the lead-paint conundrum, have endangered the health of NYCHA’s residents for many years.

To add insult to injury, a June 2018 New York Times article states: “Federal prosecutors…said [NYCHA], which houses at least 400,000 poor and working-class residents, covered up its [“systematic misconduct”], training its staff on how to mislead federal inspectors and presenting false reports to the government, and to the public, about its compliance with lead-paint regulations.”

In their legal complaint, federal prosecutors further assert that NYCHA’s operations “reflect management dysfunction and organizational failure.”


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