Record Breaking Construction In NYC: Where Is The Affordable Housing?


According to news source DNA Info, the New York Building Congress’s recent analysis revealed that construction in New York City will reach unprecedented levels this year. Reportedly, this year, the City of New York will spend $43.1 billion in construction. This figure exceeds 2015’s construction budget by 26%. With all of the new buildings being erected, WHERE IS THE AFFORDABLE HOUSING???


The Face You Make When Your Housing Specialist Says She Doesn’t Know What Square Footage Is

Who trains these people? What exactly are the requirements for earning the title of “housing specialist”?

My shelter’s “housing specialist” was talking to me about renting a studio. I asked her what the square footage was. (NOTE: I’ve seen some pretty tiny studios for exorbitant prices.) Her response was she didn’t know what square footage was. SMH!! This is the same person who repeatedly bragged about buying a house during meetings when she should have been providing my family with housing help. How do you not know?! Again, SMH!!


Homeless New Yorker Stat Of The Week

HMLS New Yorker

According to the Coalition For The Homeless, after the Bloomberg administration terminated the Advantage housing program, 8,500 families affected by the cancellation returned to the New York City homeless shelter system.

The cancellation of the City’s Advantage program is sometimes cited as the reason why landlords accept LINC vouchers.


The Homeless New Yorker Red Tape Quote Of The Week: The Smoke/Drug Smoke Free-For-All Edition

HMLS New Yorker Red Tape

“There’s nothing we can do. We tell them to stop smoking, and as soon as we walk away, they light up again.” -A Security Supervisor To A Subordinate

Meanwhile, this same security supervisor was joking about writing people up yesterday. SMH.

There is a persistent smell of drugs in the shelter I reside in, so much so, it is making me sick. The shelter I reside in sees fit to stop people from coming into the facility with bottled water and any type of food (an update on that later), yet all kinds of drugs are being smoked in the facility and the security supervisor shrugs it off.

All the inspections in the world haven’t stopped the rampant drug use. There’s no one to complain to when the above quote is the pervasive attitude by the staff towards smoking in the facility. Yet, I can’t have bottled water, or any kind of food items in the facility. I feel like I reside in a drug den. The non-stop smell of drugs constantly seeps into my room. It often feels like the drug smell is coming through the vents as well. I NEED PROPER HOUSING NOW!!